What I'm Looking For: The List

I was recently encouraged by someone at church who has been counseling me in my search for my wife to write down all the attributes I'm looking for and commit them to God. I don't believe this will be the final list, but I do think this covers a lot of what is required. The characteristics in the list below aren't a matter of personal preference, they're non-negotiable. This isn't to say I don't have work to do in the following categories, but I know that my wife will be:
  • Godly
  • Self-disciplined
  • Willing to serve others first
  • Compassionate
  • Understanding/Empathetic
  • Has a good, loving relationship with her family
  • A hard worker
  • Diligent
  • Humble
  • Of noble character
  • Articulate/Communicative
  • Loyal
If anyone reading this has additional suggestions based on Biblical principles or life experiences, please comment or contact me in some fashion.

Here's to growth,

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  1. I would make thankfulness a priority also. A thankful wife will be an even better wife than one who works hard or is self-disciplined. Because she values what God has given her and what you provide, she will be a better steward and a harder worker.
    Joyful and loving would also be on my list.
    Think about it, you can marry a humble hard working woman, but if she grumbles all the time, is she really being a great wife?
    Don't despair if you don't find your girl right away, God will bring you the perfect woman.