Shared Characteristics

In the last few months I've gotten into the anime series Dragon Ball and it's more widely known sequel, Dragon Ball Z. There are a lot of things I enjoy about the show, mainly the diverse characters and outlandish universe the show takes place in. I love the over-the-top action, the unique soundtrack, the serial nature of the show, and the occasionally off English translation. I will freely acknowledge the absurdity that takes place in the show, but that in itself is part of the charm. It is escapism, pure and simple. For twenty minutes at a time, I am removed from the confines of what is and is not possible in this world. I am transported to a universe where someone with skill and discipline can channel their own energy and do things beyond the capabilities of normal men. Below, I will list three of the main characters and my thoughts about them. Mostly how their characters relate to me and how I perceive them.

  • Goku
    • Our main hero and protagonist of the Dragon ball franchise. He has a strong moral code and sense of ethics I find admirable, but he takes part of his code so far that it endangers others. He is strong, brave, and willing risk his life for any of his friends. However, his hero status doesn't prevent him from being incredibly stupid on several occasions. Where I identify with him apart from having strong ethical codes is his love for martial arts and combat. Goku has one interest in life apart from family and friends and it is centered around being the best fighter in the world. He trains not to dominate others, but just because he loves training and competing. In several instances, Goku says just how much he's looking forward to a fight, even when circumstances are dire. I am not a professional fighter, nor do I train like one, but I have felt part of what he feels during a fight. The thrill of combat, knowing that the person facing him is going to try to hit him, participating in the oldest form of competition: fighting.

  • Vegeta
    • During the first saga of Dragon Ball Z, he is the primary antagonist threatening the Earth. As the series progresses, he becomes less of an out-and-out villain and transforms into an anti-hero. The main trait that I admire in this character is his crystal clear sense of purpose. As the prince of the Saiyan race, he truly believes it is his destiny to be the greatest warrior in the universe, and he will do absolutely ANYTHING to achieve his goal. His sense of dedication to completing what he believes is his purpose is admirable, if misguided. Also, his theme music is AWESOME

  • Piccolo
    • Overall, Piccolo is probably the character that I have the most in common with. Not on a philosophical level, but in the areas of attitude, personality, and physicality. He is brusque, tough, intimidating, dangerous, and on occasion, a snarker. After the events of Dragon Ball, he removes himself from civilization and dedicates his life to meditation and training. Truth be told, if money were not a necessity, and I could acquire everything I needed to survive, I would just as soon live in a cabin in the mountains and do the same. Meditate on God's Word, meditate on how to improve myself, and train my body to it's maximum potential. That life doesn't sound half bad to me.
As of this moment I am on episode 121 of Dragon Ball Z and episode 14 of Dragon Ball, so there's plenty more time for me to see these characters develop and grow, which is quickly becoming the main draw of the show. I realize this is common of many TV shows, but it's the truth. There's at least one other blog post forthcoming that is related to the show, but I don't know when that one will be written. Hopefully, not too far in the future.


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